5 Things You Really Must Know About Concrete Counter Tops


Are concrete kitchen counters more affordable than granite?

The initial point you ought to understand about concrete kitchen counters is that concrete kitchen counters are more expensive than granite countertops as a whole. Great deals of individuals do not recognize this up until it’s far too late. As an example, concrete countertop costs per square foot begin at $65 for the easiest concrete countertops, which do not consist of setup expenses, which vary between $30 and also $90 per hr. To ensure that’s something that you must think about when choosing which you ought to acquire: concrete or granite kitchen counters.

Is concrete an excellent cooking area countertop?

This is a great concern concerning concrete Billings kitchen counters as most individuals are desiring them in the cooking area. There’s no question concrete is unfailing and also very sturdy, however, they are distinct in look and also call for a certain preference in vogue. That suggests you truly need to attempt considering instances of concrete countertops face to face as well as see if you would certainly like them for many years to find. That’s since concrete kitchen counters will certainly last you a lifetime if effectively secured as well as kept, as well as you might get ill as well as fed up with them, or you might discover you can not live without them. So it’s finest to figure that out prior to buying mounting them.

Just how much does it set you back to do concrete kitchen counters?

This differs by place, yet some typical variables enter into the rate of every concrete countertop setup. Those aspects consist of the quantity of concrete required, the top quality of the concrete required, the business doing the structure, and also the task’s problem. Those elements are thought about, anticipate to pay in between $65 and also $135 per cubic foot of concrete.

Which concrete contractor should I hire?

We know lots of great concrete Billings contractors, but one shines above the rest. We recommend you give them a call for all your concrete needs if you’re in the Billings, MT area.

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Are concrete countertops high upkeep?

Concrete is a premium product utilized in kitchen area countertops, as well as producing their calls for the ability and also experience of qualified professionals. Concrete counters are costly if you are opposed to normal upkeep, concrete might not be for you. Concrete does call for yearly resealing, at a minimum.